from your true magical guardian luci!

coming soon

WOW its so crazy ive already made it to a version 2 of this website journey! ignoring how inconsistent and bumpy this ride was- it has been so very FUN! i never thought i would or could enjoy something like coding, MANI if u read this THANK U SO FUCKIN MUCH FOR INTRODUCING ME TO NEOCITES AND CODING IN GENERAL!!!!

i have so much fun with this little hobby and also get to be website neighbors with one of the COOLEST people ive ever met too i take so much inspiration and learning material from u too so thank u for teaching me almost everything i know about coding so far!

moving on from that sentimental garbage (jk I love being sappy abt my passions n frens) i meant what i said when i said i wanted this site to be up and running from now to the end of space!

BUT alas i still have a long way to go before i can call myself remotely good at this silly shit so with all due respect please sit patiently while i (the web fairy) work on v2 of the magicaldoll webspace!! i know its been a while but…